What People are Saying About the Instructor

  • “Helen, you have been a blessing to me in more ways than you will ever know, you have given me back my life. THANK GOD FOR YOU.”
  • “I liked, the supportive, informative nature of the dialogue. Helen is very articulate in explaining the course.”
  • “I found Helen to be a very heart warming person, and an excellent teacher. She knows what she is talking about. When any of the students asked a question she had the answer almost immediately. The course made me see things so differently. I have more respect for myself and others.”
  • “I liked, everything, but best was the good feeling it gave me deep inside.”
  • “This course is great-it is a life changing course-you live it everyday.”
  • “Everyone in Helen’s class was very accepting and non-judgmental.”
  • “Helen taught the subject well, and interjected thoughts that would broaden one’s perpective in a given situation.”
  • “Helen is an awesome teacher that really cares about the students.”
  • “Lots and lots of support by classmates and the teacher, Helen is very wise.”
  • “I started taking ACIM on line course two years ago with Helen and will continue as long as this course is available online.”
  • “Helen’s insight, wisdom and understanding has made something I found very difficult to understand (The Course In Miracles) and made it easy and applicable to my every day life. Thank you Helen you are a gift from God above.”
  • “Class was very informative and Helen was very clear. She was able to expound in a very elaborate yet simple and understanding way.” – Robert G.
  • “I think this is a great course, especially when you learn so much about yourself through questions from others. This shows that we are all indeed connected.”- Ruby
  • “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I am ready, and here we are. I am grateful for this opportunity for learning and growth. It is already making such positive changes in my thinking and perception and my dealings with other people. Thank you Helen.” – Dea
  • “Helen gives messages at a very high level of consciousness.” — Rachel
  • “Helen has a simple teaching style which may help someone who may be struggling with understanding ACIM.” — Denise

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There’s Nothing Going On But Your Thoughts