About Us

Universal Partnership for Peace

With the intent to inspire peace in communities, schools, and the world, Universal Partnership for Peace (UPP) provides ongoing access to classes, workshops, and programs that help individuals manage and understand anger, grief, and guilt in their lives.

Anger, grief, and guilt can feed or give birth to the other. Either there is no treatment, or medication too often becomes the treatment. The lack of treatment or medication can lead to crimes of passion, depression, and other negative behaviors.

UPP intends to make a positive impact on behaviors and relationships through simple spiritual and scientific education. Tools and methods that attendees take away from UPP events will support the goal of positive behavior and peace.

These events are offered to individuals or groups through in-person appearances at various venues, with Internet resources and tools, and through recorded sessions. Sometimes UPP travels to a national or international venue to present an event. Our resources for delivery of these events allow anyone, anywhere, and any time to access this information.

Attendees are encouraged to apply and to share what they learn with others to help spread a consciousness of peace.


You can safely donate without sharing your financial information.